parsed utterance

10/01/14 - 13/01/14 Jubilee Theatre, University of Roehampton, London

Sound recordings, 8 channel sound composition, video sequences/editing: Lisa Alexander
Pure data interface and chime composition: Rob Canning
Consultation on editing : Mark Harley, Jane Hodge
Technical support and get-in: Tony Forman and Jonathan Wilson

Stereo mix-down of the eight channel composition (best heard on headphones)

"...all that we produce as a body of text, as a composite of signifiers, enters the service of power upon coming into being." (Oguibe)

Eight channel sound and three screen video installation exploring the witness of utterance; its encounter and transcription in time and place.

parsed utterance poetically rearranges in time and space the recorded voices of a number of anonymous respondents. The composition draws on binaural recordings of vocal encounters in open spaces and ambient recordings of home environments. Vocalisation occurred whilst moving (backwards, blindfolded) through specific open places remembering out loud.

The intention was to indicate something of the agency of sensory experience and its impact upon language in the witness of self and other. The voice also writes.

The video sequences were filmed during sundown in London, Athens and Whitstable in which a number of the original vocal recordings were made. The installation operates on a 23:43 minute loop. It is an immersive experience that plays with directional sound and light.